Monday, December 29, 2008

A Hello & Welcome

Amos and I would like to welcome you to our brainchild! We hope to offer many suggestions as well as cautions when dining in our fair area!

I think if anyone knows about food it is definitely those that dwell here in Acadiana. Food is not only a way of survival but a way of life! Eating is just as important as breathing to some and I think everyone should enjoy food as well as life!

We have traveled quite a bit throughout our life together and have experienced a lot of tasting throughout the world! It is because of these journeys by foot (and taste buds) we have grown to have an opinion when it comes to dining.

Amos and I hope to help you find that great hidden place you may never have known about or never thought to try! We enjoy many types of food and enjoy the experience, though not always pleasant, of trying new places and different food. We hope you find our insight helpful! Happy reading.......and eating!


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