Friday, January 9, 2009

Greek Dining

If you are in the mood for Greek food, may we suggest two of our favorite places?

If there is one thing the two of us are passionate about it is our love for Greek Food. Having traveled, we have become picky. So let us tell you our favorite places to dine!!

One of our favorite places is Zeus. We have only eaten at the Zeus on Ambassador, so I cannot speak about the other locations! (I think Amos is going to talk about Athena's - and there is a huge difference in those two locations!)

First, I love the feel of Zeus. The decor, the music, the atmosphere and even the little party type area in the back is very comfortable! We have never had bad service or food while dining there! I am a creature of habit and ever since I tried the Chicken Arabi Sandwich (it was actually not in the restaurant, it was a plate lunch from Bach Lunch one day) I haven't ordered anything else since! They serve either just the sandwich, or you can buy a plate which includes hummus and a greek salad. The Chicken Arabi sandwich is a panini type sandwich. It has chopped chicken - possibly shwarma with a garlicy mayo. It is amazing delicious and I cannot seem to order anything else, even if it is my intention when we arrive! The bread is delicious and grilled I think it is even better. As a whole, it is a wonderful meal!

I find they have the best salad, always generously topped with a mound of Feta. Their hummus is very good and always a good portion as well and every meal comes with a never ending supply of freshly warmed pita.

I have had the chicken shwarma plate and also the gyro plate before. Both are delicious. Amos too is a man of habit always ordering the Gyro plate. This comes with juicy gyro meat, lightly pickled red onions, rice, hummus and a greek salad. You'll never see better portions for the money in any greek place that I know of!

We have dined with friends and they have never had a complaint either! I know that the pasta dishes and the lamb kabobs are big hits as well! I don't think there is anything that wouldn't be worth trying at Zeus. But be forewarned, if you try the Chicken Arabi first you may never try anything else again! smirk!

Good Points: Everything from the food to the servers to the atmosphere!
Bad Points:
that they aren't located closer to our house!
Would I recommend this restaurant? To everyone - always!!!
Would I dine there again?
Definitely! And after writing this I am very hungry to go there soon!


Our other Favorite place is Athena-Greek-&-Lebanese-Express on Kaliste Saloom Rd. I refer to this restaurant as "gas station greek" because the fact that it is in the back of a gas station.

The first time Safia took me to have "gas station greek" I must say I was a bit skeptical. We have all had the gas station food that sits under the heat lamps all day. The corn dogs, potato wedges, and pizza that has enough grease to change your car oil. But I was pleasantly surprised not by the atmosphere , which I was not surprised to see. The heaters with trays of typical gas station food in the front, the coke and Icee machine at the side of the store. But the back of the place was a surprise. To my amazement there was multiple upright rotating spits in the back with fresh lamb, beef, and chicken. I, like always at greek restaurant got the gyro plate, which comes with gyro meat,greek salad, rice, hummus and a piece of pita. Not bad for the price of $6.50. Then you can ad a 44 oz soda for a little over a dollar more. But how about the taste? Great, everything tasted good but, I was disappointed with only one piece of pita. I also noticed that the price was the same from a couple years ago, but the to go boxes your food comes in have mysteriously become smaller.

Good Points: Food is great, with a great price
Bad Points:
Portions have become smaller, and the atmosphere is still a gas station.
Would I recommend this restaurant? To everyone, especially those in a hurry for fast food that doesn't taste like fast food.
Would I dine there again?
Of course


On another note about Zeus. I do enjoy the food and atmosphere, yet I do have a small problem with this restaurant. The manager is very rude to his waitresses/waiters in front of the customers, which is not very professional.

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