Monday, January 5, 2009


Amos and I enjoy the rather quick but good meal on occasion, and for Christmas had received a gift card for Applebees. Our local Applebees is located on Johnston. We had been there a few times before and after our last visit had not planned on going back due to the lack of quality with the food But strangely enough, we had received a gift card and decided to give it another chance. Why not, since the meal wouldn't cost much anyway.

The appetizer we started with was queso and is was pretty good, but if you just get chips and salsa, I hope you like plain chips because the salsa is very bland and not very tasty at all.

Like Chili's they have the trio platter but I have had it before and it is nothing like Chili's. The burgers aren't very good and the chicken isn't nearly as good as Chili's . The Steak Quesadilla "towers" that look excellent in the picture come to your table not only not resembling a tower but the taste doesn't resemble food. This time though I opted for the Quesadilla burger with a burger or chicken if you like, pico de gallo,lettuce and mexi-ranch sauce. To top it off it has pepper jack and cheddar cheese. All this sandwiched in between two tortillas. And it comes with french fries. The food wasn't bad after I got my burger centered back into the middle of the tortilla so I could taste everything at once. The fries looked like I had the bottom of the barrel but they tasted alright, just a little small. Overall it wasn't to bad we had good service and the food was tolerable. Just glad I had a gift card and didn't have to pay for the whole meal.

Good Points: Quesadilla burger was a nice change, Curbside pickup haven't used it but it's a nice touch
Bad Points:
overall the food isn't that good
Would I recommend this restaurant? Not to someone I like
Would I dine there again?
No way-- so remember no gift cards for us to Applebees for Christmas or birthdays please


As Amos stated, we have generally not been overly excited with Applebees in the past. Since this was definitely our last visit, I will not only tell you about this trip, I will tell you what we have experienced as a whole on all of our trips!

This time around we did go with the chips and queso. Not horrible, but not memorable! The salsa was that of something out of a jar! The portion of queso, especially for the price was a little annoying. Especially when you compare the amount to the size of the "skillet" it is served in. If you are dining at Applebees and get an appetizer - I would strongly suggest the spinach atrichoke dip. It was some of the best I've had!

For dinner I ordered a pasta bowl. It was the 3 Cheese Chicken Penne. It wasn't too bad! The sauce didn't knock my socks off! The chicken though was seasoned really well. I think it added a lot to the dish where the sauce and everything else was lacking in flavor. Definitely not the best I've had.

Previous trips to Applebees I have ordered a steak dinner. It was okay, but left me a little unsatisfied! I find the fries they serve are ALWAYS over salted. I once got the Grilled Cheese BLT and a Caesar Salad. This was the one meal I was very pleased with! The bacon on the BLT was not over done and a thick, good quality bacon!

I did take a bite of Amos's quesadilla burger and think it was really tasty!!

Good Points: Good service, pretty quick, clean restaurant and conveniently located! Oh, and they are never busy when we go, though I think I know why! lol
Bad Points: Most of the food on the menu is substandard! Nothing really amazing about it!

Would I recommend this restaurant? Maybe it just isn't for me - or I always order the wrong items
Would I dine there again? Not intentionally. But if friends wanted to meet there, I would put on my big girl panties and deal with it!


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