Friday, January 9, 2009

Pizza Place in New Iberia

One of our favorite places to dine at is a little place located in New Iberia! The Pizza Place has been around for what seems forever! I think Safia and I have been regulars there since the mid 70's! While it isn't much to look at and it doesn't come off as a memorable place, it plays a part in our lives!

The Pizza Place is a favorite for Amos and I! We used to have lunch there almost once a week. We are usually greeted with our drinks when our waitress comes to the table, as they know where we will sit and what we will be ordering!

I thoroughly enjoy all of their food! They have a really unique spaghetti and meatballs. It's not for everyone (this means you Amos! lol) but it's thick zesty sauce and big meatballs is really good! My pizza of choice is the Pizza Place Special. It contains pepperoni, ham, hamburger, onions, green peppers and mushrooms. It's a great balance of the meats and the veggies. A favorite among most of our friends is the Nina. I think that is what it is called. It's a shrimp and jalapeno pizza. The crust is pretty tasty and nice and thin!

If you are ever in New Iberia and looking for a new place to eat, whether lunch or dinner, go check out the Pizza Place. They are located on Center St and Washington, right by the tracks!

Good Points: Great food, great service, really reasonable prices
Bad Points:
Not the tidiest of places
Would I recommend this restaurant? Yes, definitely! I always do as a matter of fact!
Would I dine there again?
Yes, hopefully next week!


They have an terrific lunch special 8" pizza and a small
house salad for about 6 bucks. The pizza is good although I enjoy the corneal on the bottom of my pizza. And extra cheese on the top of pizza is a must to keep the toppings on. We always go early and it is quiet, plus we get to watch some Price is Right. I sure miss Bob Barker, but I guess that young whippersnapper Drew Carey is alright. The service is good too. I haven't tried anything other than the Pizza and salad because I am old enough to be set in my ways. But if everything else is like the pizza then I bet its good. They also deliver, not sure how far they deliver but I'm sure its most of New Iberia.

Good Points: Best Pizza, Waitstaff is pleasant and attentive
Bad Points:
Restrooms really need to be updated, but I can look past that.
Would I recommend this restaurant? Definitely, one of the best that New Iberia has to offer
Would I dine there again? Hopefully soon.


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